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Here you will find 1,000's of digital codes in HD and UHD (Some SD) at low prices for old and new releases. These digital movies can be redeemed on several different platforms including popular ones like iTunes, Google Play and VUDU.

Key Things to know with digital copies:
  1. Codes are not delivered automatically and personally delivered by me through e-mail (within 24 hours except weekends)
  2. 99.9% of codes are from the USA. A code will state another country in the title if it is from different country than the USA, like (CANADA) or (UK).
  3. Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Universal and 20th Century Fox codes go through what is called Movie Anywhere. You only need to redeem the code once to show up in all platforms, VUDU, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Key is to link all your Platform accounts to your MA account and all your MA movies will show up in all 4 platforms.
  4. If a code states (UV/iTunes/GooglePlay/Amazon) in the title assume it is a MA code. Just because a code says for iTunes, does not mean it will redeem directly into iTunes. If you want/need a code to directly redeem in iTunes contact me first.
  5. In the title of the movie, it will tell you which service it will go into your locker for. So if it says UV/iTunes/GooglePlay/Amazon it will go into all 4 of those services or if it says less than those are the only services it provides. Here are some other breakdowns.
    1. Codes that you enter go into a locker, whichever it is, your UV locker or Movies Anywhere locker. It does not mean that every code is available through every platform or in every platform in UHD. That is based on licensing on each platform.
    2. A key to know if the movie is available on specific platforms is to check that platform (VUDU, Flixster, CinemaNow, etc) and see if you can purchase the item on that specific platform. Example is the movie Office Space is sold through VUDU, but not sold on Fandango, so it will only show up in VUDU and not Fandango, but it will be in your locker. If by chance Fandango buys the rights to the movie it will show up in Fandango at that point, but not until then.
    3. For UHD codes it may show more than one service like UV and iTunes or UV/iTunes/GooglePlay/Amazon, but that does not mean it will show up in UHD in all platforms. I can only guarantee UV to be UHD. The others depends on how it enters your movies anywhere account. iTunes usually can also be UHD, but not always.
  6. Any questions please ask